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Hello world!


Dear citizens of teh Interweb,
herein I proudly present my personal web page (some Wikipedia for those unlucky gen-z ppl that do not know what the hell is this). I created this awesome website purely for entertainment purposes. I believe that every human being needs some kind of creative outlet. I'm afraid we got lost along the way with the social media stuff. We are not able to create anything from scratch. Instead, we let them shape our imagination which is now limited to photos of food, thumbs-up-button and 140 characters. Everything's a copy of a copy of a copy. It's time to take a stand! Let's unleash our creative powers and fight the bloody establishment.

Take note that I may be fulfilled with nostalgia. I may not be serious. My English may be terrible. Remember this, and you'll be fine. Fasten your seatbeltz and prepare to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Further reading: The vanishing personal site by Jeffrey Zeldman


I am interested in generative music. Currently I am working with Pure Data and KORG microSTATION which I controll via TouchOSC. Lately I've been recording with my friend Dawid Niemiec under Trelotechnika monkier. Listen to our effort below:

About me / contact

I was born in the 90s. I love computers (especially programming and gaming), music and photography. I opt for simplicity and minimalism. I like good design and modern architecture.

You may reach me via e-mail: mcjlnrtwcz[4t]gmail[d0t]com. Just remember to change this into properly working address. ;) Please send messages in plain text, UTF-8 encoding.

Here's my SoundCloud profile.